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Quick rates

For a full list of rates, click either Deposit Rates or Loan Rates for the appropriate type of product.

Car Loan: 1.99%* Credit Card: 7.24%*
Boat/RV Loan: 3.99%* Money Market: .50%**
Home Equity Loan: 5.24%* Share Certificates: 2.05%**
Home Equity Line of Credit: 4.00%*
*as low as **as high as
Truth In Savings/Rate and Fee Disclosure

Rates are effective as of 01/12/15. Rates are subject to change and credit approval.

  • Spice Up 2015 With This Jalapeno’s Offer for UKFCU Members!

    UKFCU wants to help you save!
    Because you matter each month we’ll offer a new coupon from one of our Select Employee Groups. Visit UKFCU’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to snag each month’s deals!

  • Build Your Retirement Seminar – January 27 – Hamburg Branch
    Join UKFCU Tuesday, January 27 at 6:00 p.m. to learn the basics of building your retirement. Seminar will take place at the Hamburg Branch, 2557 Sir Barton Way, Lexington. We’ll provide light refreshments.
    Just complete the RSVP below. We look forward to helping you build your retirement nest egg.
  • Enjoy Cash Back with Credit Card Balance Transfer

    Pay no balance transfer fee and receive 1% cash back on a balance transfer to your UKFCU credit card!
    *Offer available January 1, 2015 – January 31, 2015. Must be a UKFCU member. 1% of balance transfer will be deposited into the Prime Share savings account up to $100 maximum. Balance transfer must be from a …

  • Watch Your Money Grow with our Increased Rates!
    UKFCU has just increased rates on our certificates! Click here to see how you can earn more with your credit union! This is a limited time offer. Visit your nearest branch or call 859-264-4200 to learn more.
  • Better Your Auto Loan with Cash Back

    Sure, your car takes you from point A to B, but it really becomes part of your life.  You’ve created memories with road trips, family vacations, checked on your sleeping child in the rear view mirror and maybe just simply enjoyed a perfect summer day with the windows down listening to your favorite song.
    You …

  • Skip A Payment on a UKFCU Loan
    Members may skip one loan* payment, except on mortgages and credit cards, in a rolling calendar year for each loan they have with UKFCU. What’s a rolling calendar year? It’s once every twelve months.

    To be eligible:

    Member must be in good standing on all accounts
    Loan must be open for at least three months

    A $29.00 fee will …

  • Dealer Auto Cash – Get $20 Shell Gas Card or $50 Visa Gift Card Receive a FREE $20 Shell gas card by bringing the Dealer Auto Cash Form to a participating dealership. Or, upgrade to a $50 VISA® gift card when you purchase a vehicle from a participating dealership and finance your loan with UK Federal Credit Union! Call or visit to get pre-approved before you shop or tell your …
  • 5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget in 2015
    It’s that time of year again, the time for fresh starts and New Year resolutions. Two of the most common resolutions are: 1) To maintain a healthier lifestyle and 2) To spend less money. So what is better than combining the two and learning how to eat healthy on a budget? Below are five tips …
  • Emergency Funds – What’s the Right Account for You Emergency Funds – What’s the Right Account for You
    Okay, you’re convinced you need an emergency fund. It has to be something absolutely safe yet readily available when needed.
    A good place to start is at your local financial institution, one which understands and is involved in the local community, such as you guessed it, UKFCU.  Here …
  • Load up on Visa Rewards this Holiday Season
    Use your UKFCU Visa credit card Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday and receive double CURewards points! All in-person and online transactions will qualify. Happy shopping from UKFCU!
  • Credit Unions & Gen Y are a Perfect Fit Why Credit Unions Fit Gen Y
    Generation Y, also called the Millennial generation, has been defined in rather fluid ways, but are generally those born between 1980 and the year 2000. I know what you’re thinking; there is a large difference between a 14 year old and someone who is in their early thirties. Quite true, …
  • 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Credit Card Pay On Time
    Paying your credit card on time helps you avoid late fees and the possibility of having your interest rate increased and helps you maintain a good credit record.Stay Below Your Credit Limit
    Some credit card issuers charge an additional fee if you go over your credit limit and some may even increase your interest …
  • 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Credit Card Pay On Time
    Paying your credit card on time helps you avoid late fees and the possibility of having your interest rate increased and helps you maintain a good credit record.
    Stay Below Your Credit Limit
    Some credit card issuers charge an additional fee if you go over your credit limit and some may even increase your interest …
  • Ways You Can Save on Higher Education Costs According to a recent survey over three quarters of all Americans have said they are living paycheck to paycheck, meaning they have little if any savings. How then can so many Americans attend college, since higher education costs thousands of dollars every year?
    The answer is many are going into no small debt for the privilege …
  • Predictions That Were Really Off the Mark Predictions That Were Really Off the Mark
    It is always funny when experts get it wrong. Here are some classic predictions.
    “Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons,” by Popular Mechanics, 1949.
    “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers,” by Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.
    “Everything that can be invented …
  • 12 Tips to Save Money in 2014 12 Tips to Save Money in 2014
    Over the years, I have realized the best way for me to save money is to have it deducted automatically from my paycheck and deposited directly into a Savings account. Some people reading this might be saying to themselves they don’t have anything left to save after paying their …
  • Coupon Sites to Help You Save Money! Coupons to Help You Save Money!
    I am sure you’ve noticed prices of food and other products have been increasing over the last few years. As a result you’ve necessarily become more conscious about spending your hard-earned dollars every time you shop. Whether it’s for necessary items, such as food or gas, or so-called luxury items, …

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  • Protect Your Identity with LifeLock – UKFCU Member Discount
    If your information falls into the wrong hands, the effects could be devastating. LifeLock is the industry leader in identity theft protection and offers a proactive alert system, advanced screening technology, 24/7 live member service and more. Just call 1-800-LifeLock or visit LifeLock.com.
    Discount: Get 30 days free and 10% off LifeLock membership!*
    Promo code: UKFCU
    * At the end of …
  • Home Depot Debit and Credit Card Compromise Update As many have heard, The Home Depot had a compromise that potentially impacts customers who used debit/credit cards at their stores in 2014 from April on.
    Remember that you are not responsible for unauthorized transaction that you report to UKFCU. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please let us know as soon as …
  • P.F. Chang’s Data Breach – Update UKFCU is closely monitoring the situation with the recent data breach at P.F. Chang’s. Click here for the latest information http://www.pfchangs.com/security/
  • WARNING – UKFCU.COM is a Phishing Website! Please use caution when accessing UKFCU.org. Recently a website has been discovered using UKFCU.com, possibly fooling our members into thinking they are the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union website.
    University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union suggests the following tips to avoid phishing websites:

    Make sure you are entering the correct site name – UKFCU.org not UKFCU.com.
    Type …

  • Target Data Breach Update as of January 16, 2014 New light has been shed on the Target breach, which may now include 110 million people. It appears that someone managed to distribute malware onto Target’s Point-of-Sale terminals. The malware parses data briefly stored in the terminals (stripe data) and then stored on the target servers for download. The username and password used to access …
  • July 9, 2012 – Phishing Scam UKFCU has been made aware that a number of people in the Central Kentucky area have received a letter that claims to inform the recipient that they are a “Customer Service Evaluator”.
    The letter says that the recipient is to evaluate Western Union by performing a wire transfer. It also states this is paid training at …
  • October 17, 2011 – Phishing Scam UKFCU is receiving phone calls from members concerning a phishing scam.
    The phone calls members are receiving are automated and state it is from the CU, that their account has been deactivated and in order to reactive the account they must enter their 16 digit debit card number.
    Do not enter your debit card number!
    Once they enter …
  • September 26, 2011 – Phishing Scam UKFCU has received notice of a phishing attempt. Some members are reporting receiving a text message like the following:
    “18599083268@creditunionaccess.com// a pending alert has been placed on your credit union card. Call toll free 1-859-908-3268 for more information.”
    Please delete and ignore any such text message. If you have responded to the text message, please …
  • July 8, 2011 – Phishing Scam UKFCU has received notice of a phishing attempt involving text messages. The text messages are being received from the number 404-956-0917 claiming to be from Greater KY CU. The message typically states that a debit card has been compromised and to contact 859-215-0089. This message was not sent by UKFCU and is indeed a scam. …
  • May 4, 2011 – Phishing Scam UKFCU has received notice of a phishing attempt involving text messages. The text messages are being received from the number 331-442-5288 and inform the recipient that it is supposedly from the UK F.C.U. informing them that their card has been canceled. The text then says to call 502-352-8499 and enter their card information to reactivate …

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